Interactive ImageBuilder: A game changer for visual storytelling

Imagine owning a magic stick that turns your simple images into interactive masterpieces. You must be dreaming, don’t you? Welcom to the Interactive Image Builder, the next generation of image creation software! Anyone who likes to create visuals will love this tool. Visit drawpoint before reading this.

Let’s take a look at what the gadget does. You can think of this gadget as your own personal assistant, helping you to create engaging and visually stimulating content. Starting with a standard image, you can add multiple layers of interactive elements. It’s possible to create clickable buttons, pop-up texts, and embedded videos.

Imagine the following: You are working on something and you have to explain a complicated concept. Instead of bombarding the audience with text walls, you choose an interactive picture. The puzzle pieces are revealed with each click. Like peeling off an onion, only without the tears.

At one time, I was working with a PowerPoint presentation that dealt with ancient civilizations. The map I used looked like something that came out of an old, dusty text book. Boring, right? The Interactive Image Builder allowed me to clickable points that highlighted different landmarks. Instantly, the audience was nodding in their chairs instead.

Then there’s something else! Has anyone ever had to take someone through an entire process, step by step. It can feel like herding cats at times. Using this tool, it is possible to make guided tours of an image. Imagine that you can guide someone by clicking the different parts of a diagram in an exploded perspective.

I’m not going to even start on story-telling! Remember those choose-your-own-adventure books from childhood? Now you have the option to create a digital experience similar. Audiences decide what they will click on next and how much deeper they are willing to dive into the story.

Each rose is not without its thorn. My first experience was similar to being given keys for a spaceship, without any instruction manual. The first time I used it, I felt like someone had handed me the keys to a spaceship without any training manual. Then I got to the point where it was easy.

All this wizardry may have you questioning if it is required to possess advanced tech or coding knowledge. Nope! I think my grandma would be able to navigate it easily (despite the fact that she believes Facebook to be cutting-edge). Drag and drop your elements wherever you wish and make adjustments until the look is just right.

Do not think that it will all be sunshine and roses the moment you start. There is definitely a learning process involved. After you overcome that hurdle, then what? The road ahead is smooth!

The analytics feature is also worth mentioning, because what is creativity without knowing the results? It’s possible to track metrics like clicks or views.

You can use the Interactive Image Builder to create engaging lessons for educators, marketers who want higher conversions or anyone else that loves playing with images.

This is a tool that, in essence, (without sounding too dramatic), feels like a fire to visual content makers everywhere. You can add layers on top of layers both visually and interactively, making images that were static come to life in ways you never imagined.

Also, it is fun. Isn’t there something intrinsically satisfying about watching people react to what you create rather than passively consume the information that is thrown their way from afar? Doesn’t this make all your efforts worth it in the end?

Let your imagination soar and experiment with Interactive Image Creator. I promise you, once you begin using it, will be amazed at how long without it you managed to survive.