Escape Rooms: The Best Escape Rooms In Irvine

You can find escape rooms near Irvine if you are looking for an adventure that will pump up your adrenaline. The interactive experience will leave you scratching, possibly even shouting (in a nice way) at friends. We’ll take you on a guided tour to some of the most popular spots in town. Visit escape rooms in Irvine before reading this.

The Exit Game comes first. It’s a maze filled with puzzles and riddles, which will challenge your mind to the limit. Imagine this: you’re trapped in a dark room, with only 60 minutes left to get out. Like breadcrumbs, the clues lead you to your freedom. You’re like Sherlock Holmes without the hat.

The A.I., a game that stands out here, is one of the best. It’s a future-looking lab in which an artificial intelligence went rogue. Think Saw meets Terminator but with less gore. This is a challenging and intense game that will have you wondering if the robots we call friends are actually our allies.

Puzzle Workshop is the next one on my list. You can play as Indiana Jones or Lara Croft here. You’ll be so impressed with the detail in their rooms that you won’t believe it is Irvine.

Its “Ghost Ship” is a particularly spine-chilling scenario. Imagine trying to crack maritime mysteries aboard an unsettling vessel that creaks and has dim lighting. You’ll be frightened by the shadows, and cheered when you break each code.

Escapades OC has immersive stories that will immerse you into the story. The focus is on getting lost in the narrative as opposed to solving puzzles.

This is the perfect movie for fans of fairy tales. In a kingdom of magic, you’ll find both evil witches as well as brave knights. You feel as if you’re stepping inside a book.

Square Room Escape is the topic of discussion. Square Room Escape knows how to stay fresh, with its rotating themes and constant new challenges. This place keeps even the most experienced escape artists entertained.

The “Zombie Lab”, a game by the company, pits players against both time and zombies. It’s up to you to discover an antidote, before turning into one of the dead. The game is exciting and fast-paced.

Mission Escape Games Orange County, located here in Irvine is also a gem. High production values and mind-bending games make them standout from the rest of town.

The popular scenario “Escape The Hydeout”, inspired by the Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde story, is pure excitement until very last. Imagine yourself being trapped inside confined spaces filled with dark secrets that are waiting to be unveiled.

It’s okay if not everything is intense. Lost Games, with its quirky but equally captivating experiences that are suitable for families and kids, is highly recommended.

The Wizard’s Tower combines whimsical magic with clever puzzles. It’s a perfect combination of fun and lightheartedness wrapped in a neat package that will surely delight any age-group wanting to experience fantasy without feeling overwhelmed by the usual harder core choices.

You’re done! A quick tour of some awesome escape rooms in this beautiful city. Sunshine beaches, great food and now epic puzzle solving adventures to the mix. What else could you possibly ask? Take your buddies and put on thinking caps to head out one of these incredible venues. If you’ve got the skills, beat the clock and emerge victorious as the champion escapist extraordinaire. You can even have a couple laughs along course. After all what is there in having a blast before anything else?