Mark O’Mara, the NYC consultant who’s changing the game

Imagine yourself as a New York City business owner, managing a thousand tasks simultaneously. You suddenly realize that you need someone who can guide you through corporate challenges. Mark O’Mara is the consultant with a talent for bringing order to chaos.


Mark is not your typical consultant. Imagine a man who can enter a room of stressed-out executives and leave them feeling as if they just got a shot of espresso. His secret sauce? His secret sauce? A combination of intuition, experience and perhaps a little magic.

Sarah is a good example. She was running a Brooklyn startup and had a lot of operational problems. Mark was just a phone call away from making things better. She says, “It was like he knew what my business needs.” “He offered more than just solutions, he gave me peace of mind.”

Mark’s ability to see past the fog that clouds business decisions is what makes him unique. Mark has this amazing ability to spot issues that other people might miss. In NYC’s fast paced environment, this is worth its weight.

Mark’s straightforwardness is one thing that you will notice. Mark doesn’t use jargon or confuse charts. He speaks to you as if he is a friend who wants to help. It’s refreshing when you are used to consultants that seem more concerned with their own voice rather than your problems.

Mark is a sharp cookie, despite his relaxed demeanor. Mark has been around the blocks more than he would like to admit and he has picked up some serious knowledge along the way.

Mark, for example, was able to streamline the processes of a midsized tech company downtown so well that their productivity increased by 30% within a few months. Tom, Tom’s boss at the company says that before Mark came along they were spinning their wheels. “Now we’re cruising.”

Mark is not only interested in numbers, but also people. He knows that real people are behind every KPI and spreadsheet. His empathy is evident in all he does.

Mark is a master of strategy. He has a wide range of strategies at his disposal, whether it is marketing or financial planning.

Mark’s insights into customer engagement strategies for Jane’s niche market helped her to drastically improve the client retention rate of her boutique advertising agency in Uptown.

Jane remembers this with wide-eyed wonder: “We were not only retaining our clients, but we were attracting new ones right and left.” It was as if you flipped a switch to go from survival mode into growth mode.

What’s next for Mark? Mark’s adaptability – Mark knows that what works now might not work tomorrow, especially given how rapidly trends change. Mark is always one step ahead of the curve, continually refining his techniques based on data and emerging trends.

Mark O’Mara is the best person to steer your ship on course if you’re facing business challenges in NYC.